Common Myths: Selling Your House To An Investor In Madison

Selling Your Home To An Investor Madison

My dad and I hear some common misconceptions about selling directly to an investor in Madison. We often hear some poor service interactions, complaints about unexpected costs, and other common myths about selling directly to a Madison house buyer. Dealing with the wrong investor can be just like dealing with any poor operator but there are many great investors out here. Case in point, our family-owned company, Wisconsin House Buyers, LLC.

Bottom line, at Wisconsin House Buyers, LLC, we care a lot about providing a great solution for our customers. Here are some common things we hear from our potential clients. Though we can’t speak for all investors, we can say that these are not going to be issues you’ll encounter with Wisconsin House Buyers.

It’s a Scam

This isn’t true, mostly anyways. Many “investment” buyers are families like Dustin & John looking to invest in a rental, or people looking to flip properties because fixing up homes is what they love to do. Of course, there are some investors out there to watch out for, but that is true in any industry. If a real estate investor is interested in buying your home, hear them out. Look for companies that are very transparent about what they are doing and why they are offering the price they are. Be careful of those that disguise things in their contracts or so one thing and then do something else.  Never be afraid to contact an attorney either, and if the investor tells you that’s not necessary, run the other way. In the end, investors might be able to offer you an excellent solution while saving you all of the costs of a middle man. Working with the right investor will ultimately save you time and money on the sale of your Madison house! Ideally, you will be able to find a solution where everyone wins!

You Won’t Make Any Money

When selling your house to an investor in Madison, you might have the idea that you aren’t going to get a fair price for your home. While we can’t speak for all investment buyers in the area, we can let you know that when you sell your Madison house to Wisconsin House Buyers, LLC, you will always receive a fair and honest price for your property, based on current market conditions and repairs. We are very transparent about how we determine our offer prices. We’ll take into account recent area sales and the amount of work that needs to be done to make the property comparable to others on the market. We will happily make you an offer, leaving the ball in your court. There is never any obligation, we want to make sure that selling directly to us is the right decision for you!

Hidden Costs

Again, we can’t speak for every real estate investor out there, but the majority operate openly and directly. This is how business gets done, and how everyone is able to save money on the deal. A fast, efficient, and straightforward process is the norm for most investors. When you work with Wisconsin House Buyers, LLC, you’ll never be blindsided with any additional costs or hoops to jump through. We’re direct buyers, ready to cover all the costs so you can sell quickly and with peace of mind. We lay it all out there from day one, so you’ll never have to worry about any surprises. Our goal is to ensure you are incredibly happy with your selling decision, hitting you with hidden fees is the last thing we would ever do!

Longer Than Expected Closing

At Wisconsin House Buyers, LLC, we can buy your house within 7 days under most circumstances. We’re able to get our title company going immediately, along with any other pieces that we need to get in place in order to close on your property when you need to. We’re flexible about the closing date and can also buy months out, but we always meet our obligations under our agreed upon terms. What’s more, we provide a $5,000 earnest money guarantee so you can be sure that we follow through with what we say we’re going to. In evaluating other companies, just keep an eye out for the contract language and make sure they’re providing a great guarantee for your home. Make them put their money where their mouth is.

At the end of the day, working with an investor might be the best way for you to reach your goals. Investors will know how to work with the title company to get things handled quickly. The entire selling process can be completed in just a few days as opposed to the traditional process of hiring an agent, listing on the MLS, waiting for a buyer, and going through the escrow process. Avoiding the escrow process will save you time and money! The escrow process allows time for buyers to complete inspections and appraisals, two things that typically aren’t required with a sale to a Madison real estate investor, at least when you are working with Wisconsin House Buyers, LLC, we buy as-is!

If you want to learn more about selling your house to an investor in Madison, we would love to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how selling your Madison house directly can benefit you! (608) 721-5994

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