Do you have a fixer upper in Madison, WI?

One of the first things any seller in Madison or any other market needs to evaluate upon the decision to sell your home is to determine what NEEDS to be fixed.  What many sellers don’t realize is that there are certain issues that will prevent a home from being sell-able on the Multiple Listing Service … Continued

Rehab Series – Madison (A Change of Scenery)

The Scenario: An individual in serious need of a change Wanted to sell her Madison house quickly (or have an offer in hand shortly) so she could find a place closer to family in Sun Prairie Mold issues that would make it difficult to sell the house through traditional means From the seller: “From the … Continued

Rehab Series – Madison (The Complete Package)

The Scenario: A family in desperate need of a change of scenery. A home in need of a major overhaul. A complicated jigsaw puzzle with a sensitive timeline. In summary, a family in need of a quick sale of their home in as-is condition. From the seller: “…we just didn’t have the manpower or energy … Continued

Rehab Series – Mount Horeb (A Massive Turnaround)

Question: Do you love a good turnaround story? Maybe you want to see what it really takes to perform a major rehab? Do you own a home with a bunch of repairs & maybe you’re not too fond of strangers stomping about your house? Then this installment of our Rehab Series is for you… We … Continued

6 Reasons To Consider Selling Your Home in Madison

Are you frustrated by your home in Madison, WI or Dane County?  Owning the wrong property in Madison can cost you time, money, and can be incredibly frustrating! Guess what, there are solutions if you’re interested in selling your home quickly or simply want to be done with your house.  First, let’s take a quick … Continued

Selling A House In Madison With Code Violations

Do you have a damaged or unlivable house that you need to sell? If you have code violations or simply can’t afford to make expensive repairs to your home, learn more about how to sell your house in Madison without having to put all that extra effort in! If you own a run-down or damaged … Continued
Sell As-Is in Madison, WI

Selling a Home in Madison (Tips for First Timers)

It’s common to be confused or uncertain about the right course of action to take when selling your property.  Should you make repairs, how much cleaning needs to be done, how long will it take to sell, and what options you actually have are all things we often help guide sellers through when the time … Continued

Common Myths: Selling Your House To An Investor In Madison

My dad and I hear some common misconceptions about selling directly to an investor in Madison. We often hear some poor service interactions, complaints about unexpected costs, and other common myths about selling directly to a Madison house buyer. Dealing with the wrong investor can be just like dealing with any poor operator but there … Continued

Selling Your Home With a Tenant in Madison

Are you a landlord and looking at selling your home with a tenant in {market_city} or Dane County?  If you have a 1-4 unit property and have tenants currently residing in your property, it can be a difficult task to sell with these tenants, especially if they’re problem tenants.  If you have finally reached your … Continued

Real Costs Of A FSBO Listing In Madison

Have you heard of a FSBO listing?  Many people find out about FSBO listings in Madison and like the appeal of saving on commissions and managing the sale of the home themselves.  Have you considered the real costs of a FSBO listing in Madison?  While it’s absolutely the right option for many people in Madison … Continued
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