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Interested in potentially lending some of your cash that’s just sitting around in an account (including from your IRA)?  Here’s why this could be a great investment for you:

  • Secured through a 1st or 2nd position lien (depending on how much you are lending), including a mortgage.  This means you are essentially the bank and can foreclose on us if we fail to meet our contractual obligations under our agreement.
  • Fully insured – Title Insurance and Property Insurance
  • Great returns – 8-10% on debt and/or potential equity partnerships in specific deals

Any potential investor will be provided with a full investor pro forma outlining the details of the project including comps supporting the value, local market conditions, repair budget, and financial analysis.

Caution – While we take all the precautions we can to secure your investment and ensure we both make money on any deals we do, any investment in real estate or any other asset is not guaranteed.  There are very real risks associated with investing in real estate.  Consult with your attorney and/or financial advisor prior to any investment.

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